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For Na and the first ionization energy, it takes a net input of energy to pull a valence electron from its orbital and move it to r=infinity (going from a negative value to zero). Conversely, Na actually has a negative electron affinity so it releases energy when it becomes an anion. Essentially, electrons are attracted to the nucleus.Element 2 has the lowest first ionization energy so it must have the fewest protons in its nucleus and is further to the left of the period. Also it has a very large increase between its first and second ionization energy which means the second electron is removed from a lower energy level and it has only one electron in its outer shell. Jun 07, 2010 · (6) Alkaline earth metals: first ionization energy low. Second ionization energy also low. (7) Although there is a general trend toward an increase in the first ionization energy as we go from left to right across row, there are two minor inversions in this pattern: The first ionization energy of boron (B) is smaller than beryllium (Be)