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Choosing a theory for an assignment or report is made easier, since you are able to ‘browse’ through the different theories. All theories which are selected are used in the courses of communication studies. In Experiment 2, we gave virgin females the choice between 2 simultaneously courting males, one with his red coloration blocked and the other that received a sham treatment, and ran trials outdoors in both the sun and the shade. Blocking red facial coloration reduced a male’s ability to approach a female, but only when courting in the sun. Dec 21, 2019 · Different forms of communication can be found in the world of animals. From a little moth to a giant whale, all animals appear to have the use of communication. Not only humans use facial expression for stressing utterances or feeling, facial expressions can be found among apes. Both the Schachter-Singer and James-Lange theories suggest that bodily responses are an integral part of our experience of an emotion. However, unlike the James-Lange theory, and like the Cannon-Bard theory, the Schachter-Singer theory states that different emotions can share similar patterns of physiological responses.