Which statement describes an electrolyte
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The disadvantages of a virtual laboratory center around not getting an actual hands on experience. By being able to touch, feel, and smell things in an actual laboratory, you get a better feel for ... ANS: A quick internet search will return the answer. Phenolphthalein is colorless in solutions where the pH is below 8.2, but pink to purple in solutions with a higher pH. A perfectly neutral solution has a pH of 7.0. Therefore, the solution will require slightly more NaOH to reach the titration endpoint then necessary to become perfectly ... The titration protocol was as follows: Acquire a titration syringe. Draw in about 0.2 mL of air, and then fill with KMnO 4. Record the initial volume. Next, proceed to add one drop of the KMnO 4 at a time, swirling the solution gently until the color from the drop disappears. Repeat the last step until the solution becomes a persistent pink or ...