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Market Price Listed Median Aegislash V. Ultra Rare 126/185 $1.24 — View. Aegislash V (Full Art) Ultra Rare 177/185 $7.98 — View. Aegislash VMAX. Ultra Rare ...The theme decks will be available day and date with the new set and, if the tradition continues, new Elite Trainer Boxes for Rebel Clash as well. Expect the full list of cards coming in Rebel Clash to be revealed as we approach the set's release date, May 1st. READ NEXT: Pokémon Cards Softened Us Up For LootboxesRebel Clash. Release Date: May 1st 2020 Amount of Cards: ??? (192 Normal, ?? Secret) The Sword & Shield set is the second set under the eighth generation and features various Pokémon from the Galar Region. Buy @ TCGplayerL: $1.00 — M: $2.11 — H: $4.00Milotic V (Rebel Clash RCL 043)Text — Proxy — Formats — Discussion: 0Milotic V — 210 HP — [W]Basic[W][C][C] Aqua Impact: 10+ This attack does 50 more damage for each [C] in your opponent’s Active Pokémon’s Retreat Cost. [W][C][C][C] Hypno Splash: 150 Your opponent’s Active Pokémon […]