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I need to draw only a surface chart in 3D with Plotly.js library but the bundle size is too big ( ~2MB). So I decided to add only a partial bundle which they provided for 3D plots ( called plotly gl3d). The gl3d partial bundle contains trace modules scatter, scatter3d, surface, mesh3d, isosurface, volume, cone and streamtube. There is no 2D shape that makes a sphere, since a sphere is 3D by definition. The closest thing to a 2D sphere is a circle. Nov 30, 2016 · The Russell 2000 Small-Cap Index, ticker symbol: ^RUT, is the hottest index of 2016 with YTD gains of over 18%. The index components are interesting not only because of recent performance, but because the top performers either grow to become mid-cap stocks or are bought by large-cap companies at premium prices. This means selecting the best components can result in large gains. In this post, I ...