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leg1.get_lines()[0].set_lw(8) leg2.get_texts()[1].set_color('b') Finally, it's worth mentioning that in the example only the lines were given labels when plotted, meaning that ax.legend() adds only those lines to the leg1. The legend for the markers (leg2) therefore required the lines and labels as arguments when it was instantiated. We could ... You could also quit gnuplot and restart it for the same effect. Now, we'll plot our sample data. We'll get rid of an entry in the legend for our data points by using a title of "", and also set up the axes on the plot: set title "Cavendish Data" set xlabel "Time (s)" set ylabel "Angle (mrad)" set grid plot "" title "" if false, the color gradient applies across the m box plot bars within a group (default); if true, the color gradient applies across the p groups. 'Colormap' A color matrix, which specifies custom colors for the box plot bars. 'Labels' The X-axis labels, corresponding to the m groups. 'OutlierMarker' The marker used to plot the outliers ... Jul 08, 2015 · You're plotting 20 rows of data, yet you're only passing in 2 legend strings. So it takes the colors of those two from the first two that you plotted, which were in blue color. To fix, it's probably easiest to just plot each row one at a time. dataset1=rand (10,3); dataset2=rand (10,4)*10;