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如果ffmpeg编译参数包含 --enable-libass 则需要先安装 libfreetype fribidi fontconfig libass. 6 安装 ffmpeg. export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH.Saeid Yazdani An Electronics Engineer with passion in Embedded Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Assembly, Desktop and Mobile Development, Web Development and generally anything that has to do with hardware and software of any kind! The wiki doesn't tell you to use the repo for ffmpeg, you are not using the correct ffmpeg version. You need version 1.1.x for Serviio 1.2 Additionally you will need libass installed and the extra switch to enable libass when you compile ffmpeg (if you want subtitles to work) 后记补充(来自@gghyoo) 可以用-threads n 来实施多线程的运算,充分利用多核cpu 例子如下: ffmpeg -threads 2 -crf 20 -y -i ML-02.avi -strict experimental ML-02.mp4 阅读 49k 更新于 2015-04-23