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Mar 01, 2016 · The three flavours of HyperFlex consists of a minimum of four nodes of either UCS C220 M4, C240 M4 or B200 M4 servers. To distinguish them from the UCS line, the HyperFlex appliances have a prefix of HX. Springpath. The piece that was missing in the UCS stack, was a storage layer. Cisco isn’t a storage company, so to create the HyperFlex ... The Cisco UCS B200 M4 Blade Server mounts in a Cisco UCS 5100 Series blade server chassis or Cisco UCS Mini blade server chassis. It has 24 total slots for registered ECC DIMMs (RDIMMs) or load-reduced DIMMs (LR DIMMs) for up to 1536 GB total memory capacity (B200 M4 configured with two CPUs using 64 GB DIMMs).For Cisco UCS Servers with 2.5" drive bays. Cisco UCS B200 M4 Blade Server (Not sold Standalone ) (2.5"). Capacity: 300GB. Interface: Serial Attached SCSI / SAS 3. Type: Hard Drive - Hot-Swap. Spindle Speed: 15000 rpm. Curious if anyone has had success with installing to a san boot lun with RTM .iso? other install media see's the lun fine but not the 2012 iso on a B200 M2 UCS blade.