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AdaptiBar Video Lecture Introduction - Real Property. AdaptiBar Online MBE Simulator and Prep. In this video, we tell you where to find Real MBE (Multistate Bar Exam) questions. We also offer some of our own real MBE questions here: www.excellenceinlawschool.com/real-mbe-questions/.4. Why Adaptibar?• Real MBE questions - 1400 of them!• 24/7 online access• Adapts to test you on your weaker areas• Keeps track of statistics• Construct I see only one drawback: You don't get to practice taking MBE questions with a pencil and paper.• Since I believe in practicing under test-like...The BarMax app includes real exam questions licensed directly from the organization that developed the Bar exam, which will give you a good sense of the types of questions you will encounter on exam day. There is an in-app message board where you can ask questions and get study tips. You can also have your essays reviewed by their team.